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And now, it is Friday again. And still, I have yet to KNOW...

I wish I could find my balance. I would probably be so much more happier if I could find it. It's crazy, one day I'm insanely depressed, and the next day I'm as shiny as a new quarter.
I think first...I need to find out more about myself. And that won't happen until I am done with this military life and back upon regular ground. Me and this life don't get along very well. I feel sooooo...confined. And I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate being confined.
Oh, that sounds wrong. I hate being confined spiritually. "confined" in a relationship dramatically increases my self-esteem and happiness factor. Without a g/f who matches everything I need in a woman (Note: I don't know all that I need yet, making it a much more difficult task), I'm unable to be 100% who I am. I also find it difficult to hang out with my friends who have someone and snuggle constantly.

I still have yet to know, but eventually I'll find out. Will I have happiness then? Hope so...
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