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I was gonna update last night, but I decided I should probably go to bed before I passed out.

Why is that? Oh yeah, I had been out late drinking with some friends.
Of course, it ended up me by myself.
No, I'm not an alcoholic. My buddy slim jim is an alcoholic. He ended up smacking his head and getting stables in order to shut the wound. Heh heh...he passed out in the middle of the floor.
He probably caught a lot of flak from his g/f. I didn't ask him when I saw him half an hour ago because she was with him.
Friday the 13th was good for me. My luck always takes a big positive leap whenever it's friday the 13th.
I didn't hurt myself, I didn't have a bad day, I got off early, I got some business taken care of. Yeah, it was a pretty good day.
I went to the Motown Cafe in Yokohama and the last song that the lounge act sung was September by Earth Wind Fire. I got up and started dancing and got some other people up too. It was pretty awesome. I'm quite proud of the fact that I gave up caring what people think of me. I'm going to concentrate more of what I think of myself.
Tonight I am having a get together of some of my good friends here and we are all just going to hang out. It should be fun, but I need to get a hotel room to fit everyone.
I still don't own my own place yet. It's kinda frustrating. But sometime maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe I'll go find someone who will be my roommate and just pay out of my pocket. That will be kind of expensive, but it's the one thing that I want the most.
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